Our mission: "Every school will be a thriving school that prepares every student to graduate from high school college, career and community ready.”

Our Strategic Framework lays out a roadmap for our work. Visit our district's "About" page for some quick facts and district overview information.

To reach all seven board members, please use the following group e-mail address: board@madison.k12.wi.us

January Meeting Topics

(Subject to change)

Monday, January 9:

Special Meeting in Open Session (5 p.m.)

  • Public Hearing re:  Isthmus Montessori Academy Charter School Proposal

Instruction Work Group (5:15 p.m.)

  • Summer School report and recommendations for 2017
  • Community Schools update

Monday, January 16:

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – Holiday

Monday, January 23:

Special BOE Meeting in Open Session-WORKSHOP (5:00 p.m.)

  • Education Resource Officers (EROs) Ad Hoc Committee membership

Operations Work Group (5:30 p.m.)

  • Isthmus Montessori Academy Charter School Proposal
  • 2017/18 budget development
  • Long-Range Facility Plan school building conditions report

Monday, January 30:

Regular BOE Meeting (6 p.m.)

  • Superintendent’s Report—Family Engagement update 
  • Vote:  2017 Summer School recommendations
  • Vote:  Isthmus Montessori Academy Charter Submission
  • Vote:  Waiver of Policy 8005—Employment
  • Receipt of Financial Audit report