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Our mission: "Every school will be a thriving school that prepares every student to graduate from high school college, career and community ready.”

Our Strategic Framework lays out a roadmap for our work. Visit our district's "About" page for some quick facts and district overview information.

The Madison Board of Education is a seven-member policymaking body. Members are elected in April to serve staggered three-year terms in office.

Board of Education duties:

  • Establish policies for the Madison Metropolitan School District
  • Approve and oversee the school district budget
  • Serve as good stewards of taxpayer funds, and levy taxes as needed
  • Hire and supervise the Superintendent of Schools
  • Establish board committees and vote on board executives
  • Lobbying lawmakers and advocating on behalf of the Madison schools
  • Representing constituents, soliciting input on key decisions and listening to concerns and needs of the community

To reach all seven board members, please use the following group e-mail address: board@madison.k12.wi.us

Interested in running for a seat on the Board of Education? Check out the City of Madison City Clerk's website for more information.

  • Calendar
  • Meeting Agendas and notices (updated at noon on Fridays)
  • Contact Information

    Please let us know one week in advance by either calling 663-8440 to speak to Becca Colegial or e-mailing her at rscolegial@madison.k12.wi.us  and tell us what meeting for which you will need the service and in what language.  If you have a prepared statement ahead of time, that helps us too.  We have MMSD Bilingual Resource Specialists (BRS) in 12 languages.  We will assign support as requested.  



Meeting Type


February 5

5 p.m.

Instruction Work Group

  • At-Risk/Opportunity Youth Update
  • Core Values/Goals and Metrics for next Strategic Framework

February 5

6:30 p.m. Special Meeting in open session WORKSHOP
  • East High School Spectator Gym Proposal
February 10
8 a.m. Board Retreat
  • 2018/19 Strategic Framework
  • Formative feedback on Superintendent performance
  • Board reflection--Ways of Working

February 14

5 p.m.

City Education Committee

  • Follow-up on Superintendent/Mayor Letter
  • Committee Priorities
February 19
5 p.m. Special BOE Meeting in Closed Session Closed session
February 19
5:45 p.m. Operations Work Group
  • 2018/19 Budget development
  • Employee Handbook update
  • Proposed land attachments/detachments
February 21
5 p.m. Education Resource Officer Ad Hoc Committee
  • Developing recommendations
February 26
5:15 p.m. Special meeting in Closed session 
  • Closed session
February 26
6 p.m. Regular Meeting
  • Superintendent's Report--MMSD School Safety Update
  • Vote:  Employee Handbook 
  • Vote:  Land attachments/detachments
  • Vote:  Vision, Core Values, and Goals for next Strategic Framework