Please note the location change for the April 29 Regular Board Meeting: It will now take place at Chávez Elementary School.

The Board of Education and Madison School District are inviting the community to engage with board members and join the Board’s April regular meeting on Monday, April 29 at 5:15pm at Chávez Elementary School, 3502 Maple Grove Drive, Madison. As the board works to create more opportunities for engagement with the community, it will hold regular meetings at schools across the district for the next several months.

The meeting will include a meet and greet at 5:15pm, with an opportunity to see student work and performances. Refreshments will be served, and the regular meeting will begin at 6pm. The meeting will also include swearing in of new board members and recognition of Wright Middle School’s winning team in the African American Academic Challenge.


MMSD Board of Education - Spring 2018Our mission: "Every school will be a thriving school that prepares every student to graduate from high school college, career and community ready.”

Our Strategic Framework lays out a roadmap for our work. Visit our district's "About" page for some quick facts and district overview information.

The Madison Board of Education is a seven-member policymaking body. Members are elected in April to serve staggered three-year terms in office.

Board of Education duties:

  • Establish policies for the Madison Metropolitan School District
  • Approve and oversee the school district budget
  • Serve as good stewards of taxpayer funds, and levy taxes as needed
  • Hire and supervise the Superintendent of Schools
  • Establish board committees and vote on board executives
  • Lobbying lawmakers and advocating on behalf of the Madison schools
  • Representing constituents, soliciting input on key decisions and listening to concerns and needs of the community

To reach all seven board members, please use the following group e-mail address:

Interested in running for a seat on the Board of Education? Check out the City of Madison City Clerk's website for more information.

Need a language interpreter at a board meeting?

Please let us know one week in advance by either calling 663-8440 to speak to Claudia Verhagen or e-mailing her at and tell us what meeting for which you will need the service and in what language.  If you have a prepared statement ahead of time, that helps us too.  We have MMSD Bilingual Resource Specialists (BRS) in 12 languages.  We will assign support as requested.  Please note that there is a time limit on public appearances of six minutes for those using interpretation services.  




Meeting Type


SPRING BREAK March 25-29

April 1

5 p.m.

Room 103

Instruction Work Group

  • Community Schools
  • Behavioral Health in Schools (BHS)
  • Nuestro Mundo, Inc. (NMI) Contract
April 1
6:30 p.m. Doyle
Room 103
Special meeting in closed session   Closed meeting

April 15

4 p.m.

Room 103

Student Behavior Ad Hoc Committee

  • Progress on implementation guidance documents for the Behavior Education Plan
  • Plans for 4th quarter culture and climate visits in every school
  • Committee process, next steps, and closure

April 15

5 p.m.

Room 103

Operations Work Group

  • 2019/20 Preliminary Budget Development (wrap-up, benefits, early budget approvals)
  • BOE Policy 3540—Graduation Requirements
  • BOE Policy 4023--Internal Transfer
April 29
5:15 p.m. Chavez Elementary Meet and Greet

The Board of Education and Madison School District are inviting the community to engage with board members prior to the April Regular meeting including an opportunity to see student work and performances.

April 29

6 p.m.

Chávez Elementary

Regular Meeting

  • Newly elected Board members take Oath of Office
  • Recognition of African American History Academic Challenge Winners
  • Superintendent’s Report: Presentation of  Draft 2019/20 Preliminary Budget
  • Vote: NMI charter contract
  • Vote: Partnership renewal—BHS
  • Vote: Policy 4023-Internal Transfer
  • Vote: Policy 3540-Graduation Requirements
  • Vote: Budget early approvals