Madison Metropolitan School District
Madison, Wisconsin

Art Rainwater, Superintendent
Minutes for Long Range Planning
January 10, 2005
Doyle Administration Building
545 West Dayton Street
Madison, Wisconsin

Long Range Planning Committee meeting was called to order by Johnny Winston, Jr. at 6:05 p.m.

MEMBERS PRESENT: Carol Carstensen, Johnny Winston, Jr.


OTHER BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Bill Clingan, Bill Keys, Juan José López, Shwaw Vang

ADVISORY COMMITTEE MEMBERS Hardin Coleman, Dawn Crim, Joan Eggert, Jill Jokela, Student Representative

PRESENT: Oliver Kiefer, Jeff Leverich, Lucy Mathiak, Pat Mooney, Jan Sternbach, Dr. Xa Xiong

STAFF PRESENT: Sue Abplanalp, Jennie Allen, Jane Belmore, Valencia Douglas, Mary Gulbrandsen, Kurt Kiefer, Roger Price, Doug Pearson, Joe Quick, Art Rainwater, Barbara Lehman-Recording Secretary

1. Approval of Minutes

It was moved by Carol Carstensen and seconded by Johnny Winston, Jr. to approve the minutes of the Long Range Planning Committee meeting dated December 20, 2004. Motion unanimously carried by those present.

2. Public Appearances

There were no public appearances.

3. Announcements

There were no announcements.

4. Location of reference and resource documents that may be used by the Long Range Planning Committee to make decisions about overcrowded MMSD schools and declining MMSD student enrollment

Mary Gulbrandsen explained where Long Range Planning information was located on the district's web site and the five year maintenance plan.

5. Demonstration of New School Boundary Planning Software

Mary Gulbrandsen demonstrated the software. All scenarios will be presented on February 14 with discussion on February 28. Public hearings will be scheduled for March.

Discussion: Trying not to create islands or break up neighborhoods. Student data used is Third Friday Count and what is anticipated. Projections are used. Each of the plans will have an attached study that describes everything about them. Data includes the number at Hawthorne. Cannot break out data by ESL status or race but are aware of additional needs like ESL; cannot predict where they will go. Looks at new buildings and existing buildings. Middle and high school data are on the web site. Effort is made to keep low income under 60 percent but cannot be done because of the City's segregated housing patterns. Title I is based on free and reduced lunch data and is considered. Very time consuming and complicated because of the odd-shaped district. Busy streets and transportation are considered. The program does use different capacity formulas. Maintenance and school closure issues are considered. Program shows how many children are moving. There will be some grandfathering. Boundaries should be changed about every five years. Much anguish in the beginning; children adjust better than the adults. SAGE should not be a big issue because there are only three schools that do not have it. Issue of programs vs. boundary changes not relevant because resources follow the child. Allocation adjustments for population shifts are made from scratch every year through the Equity Resource Formula. District looks very different than the last time boundaries were changed (culture changes, demographic changes, staff development, etc.).

6. Process and timelines for requesting and responding to suggestions and ideas regarding MMSD school boundary changes and other scenarios relative to overcrowded MMSD schools and declining MMSD student enrollment

(Packets included written information on boundary change timelines, scenario requests, and feedback forms. Copies are attached to the original of these minutes.)

Ms. Gulbrandsen noted that the packet information had been included in previous packets. Any changes could be e-mailed to her. This information will be shared with PTOs and will be available at all public hearings and on the web site.

Items 7 and 8 were taken up simultaneously.

7. Referendum to Support the Maintenance of MMSD Buildings

8. Referendum for a Second Elementary School on the Leopold Elementary School Site

(Packets included a list of MMSD instructional programs that rent or use space outside the schools and information on the tax levy impact of a revenue cap referendum for building maintenance and Leopold School expansion plans. Copies are attached to the original of these minutes.)

Discussion: Making a decision about a referendum without knowing what the state is going to do and what the budget will be. A proposal was made to delay the decision on the maintenance referendum for one month until something more is known about the district's operating budget. Delaying would push the referenda for maintenance and Leopold into May and would cancel any major facility upgrades over the summer and cause a major time crunch for Leopold. Maintenance funds could be added to the operating budget. Both are short-term solutions. Issue of whether to group the referenda or keep them separate. Operating budget and maintenance are intertwined but Leopold is a separate issue.

Personal comments were made regarding the referenda. There were concerns about the lack information regarding the state budget; asking for money and making cuts at the same time; taxes are a major concern for people; keeping the building issues separate from programs; holding two referendums in case one or more fails; how to deal with the never ending $6-$8 million deficit with the revenue caps; whether or not to group all three referenda or split them up. The Board will take recommendations from the committees and make the final decisions. There should be a long range, multi-year plan for the community to see.

It was suggested that the Long Range Planning Committee recommend to the Board to go to referendum for maintenance and Leopold and schedule those two items for a vote at the January 24 meeting.

9. Determination of Whether to Hold a Public Hearing on a Referendum to Support the Maintenance of MMSD Buildings

The Superintendent noted that if a public hearing was to be held, the latest date to vote for going to referendum is January 24. Delaying will hold back the completion of Leopold by only one semester. Adjustments for Leopold will have to be made no matter what is decided. A straw vote indicated a majority of the members of the Board, the Committee, and the Advisory Members favored holding a preliminary public hearing.

It was moved by Carol Carstensen and seconded by Johnny Winston, Jr. to hold a public hearing of the Long Range Planning Committee on January 19, 2005 on the issue of going to referendum to support the maintenance of MMSD buildings. Motion unanimously carried by those present.

10. Other Business

There was no other business.

11. Adjournment

It was moved by Carol Carstensen and seconded by Johnny Winston, Jr. to adjourn the meeting at 8:18 p.m. Motion unanimously carried by those present.