Madison Metropolitan School District
Madison, Wisconsin

Art Rainwater, Superintendent
Minutes for Long Range Planning
October 24, 2005
West High School
30 Ash Street
Library Media Center
Madison, Wisconsin

Long Range Planning Committee meeting was called to order by Chair Bill Keys at 5:49 p.m.

MEMBERS PRESENT: Bill Keys, Lawrie Kobza


OTHER BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Carol Carstensen, Ruth Robarts, Shwaw Vang, Johnny Winston, Jr.

STAFF PRESENT: Sue Abplanalp, Frank Crisafi, Mary Gulbrandsen, Kurt Kiefer, Pam Nash, Art Rainwater, Loren Rathert, Ken Syke, Barbara Lehman-Recording Secretary

1. Approval of Minutes

It was moved by Lawrie Kobza and seconded by Bill Keys to approve the minutes of the Long Range Planning Committee meeting dated July 11, 2005 as distributed. Motion unanimously carried by those present.

2. Public Appearances

There were no public appearances.

3. Announcements

There were no announcements.

4. Update on East and Memorial/West Attendance Areas Demographics and Long Range Facility Needs Task Forces

(Packets included the proposed structure of the East and Memorial/West Attendance Area task forces. Copies are attached to the original of these minutes.)

The first and second newsletters for both Task Forces dated September 30, October 21, and October 24, 2005 were distributed along with the rankings by Task Force members regarding the Board of Education Considerations when considering boundary changes (copies are attached to the original of these minutes).

Mary Gulbrandsen noted that the Task Forces had had three meetings each, mostly reviewing Board processes. They have reviewed all the current year statistics, updated all the capacity numbers, and presented the projections. Each of the Task Forces reviewed the Considerations and identified what is most important as an individual, school community, and the whole district. One dot was used to vote. Both areas were close in results. Memorial/West wants to keep neighborhoods together and keep bus routes under 45 minutes. East wants no high concentrations of low income students, to keep neighborhoods together, and make sure bus routes are under 45 minutes. There is another meeting of both Task Forces scheduled for tomorrow night to start with the options. Communication is one of their challenges; using different avenues. A place will be added for questions and answers on the web site. She welcomed the Board members to submit options.

Discussion: How the summary column was calculated. All information posted on the web site. Projections to be brought before the Board for its annual review. Developments will be added. Importance of the plats. Influence of Board input on the Task Forces. Taking a position on moving Brearly Street Alternative programs to another location. Sending questions to the chair of Long Range Planning from the Task Forces through the facilitators. Task Forces looking for direction as to what is off limits. Planning for a joint meeting at some point down the road. Information can be gathered and answered on e-mails.

5. Other Business

There was no other business.

6. Adjournment

It was moved by Lawrie Kobza and seconded by Bill Keys to adjourn the meeting at 6:15 p.m. Motion unanimously carried by those present.