Madison Metropolitan School District
Madison, Wisconsin

Art Rainwater, Superintendent
Minutes for Long Range Planning
February 11, 2008
Doyle Administration Building
545 West Dayton Street, Room 103
Madison, Wisconsin

Long Range Planning Committee meeting was called to order by Chair Carol Carstensen at 7:10 p.m.

MEMBERS PRESENT: Carol Carstensen, Lucy Mathiak, Beth Moss


OTHER BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Lawrie Kobza, Arlene Silveira


STAFF PRESENT: Sue Abplanalp, Steve Hartley, Kurt Kiefer, Pam Nash, Art Rainwater, Barbara Lehman-Recording Secretary

1. Approval of Minutes

It was moved by Lucy Mathiak and seconded by Beth Moss to approve the Long Range Planning Committee minutes dated February 4, 2008 as distributed. Motion unanimously carried.

2. Announcements

There were no announcements.

3. Plans to Address Boundaries for the Memorial Attendance Area

(Packets included a tentative timeline, proposed Plans E and F, and an analysis of the middle schools. Copies are attached to the original of these minutes.)

Sue Abplanalp presented Plans E (Junction Ridge stays at Stephens and Spring Harbor moves from Stephens to Crestwood) and F (Junction Ridge stays at Stephens, Spring Harbor to Crestwood, and Channel 3 area moves to Falk). She also reviewed the middle school analysis showing projected capacity and low-income levels based on the changes proposed in Plans E and F.


v How quickly the middle school numbers will increase. Difficult to predict how fast the new school will fill up. Middle school projections based on what is known and on cohort survival rates.

v Feeder schools into the middle schools are fairly equidistant. Geographically, any of the options would make sense.

v No real oddities in terms of street layouts.

v Total of 141 students from Allied Drive area. Maintains current alignment in terms of Crestwood and Stephens. Also dependent on city's plans.

v Changes will affect incoming 6th graders.

v Same transfer rules would still apply to anyone who wishes to walk

v Administration had no preference for any of the plans but needs time to transition the students.


Clarified that a public forum would take place in Theater Room 300 beginning at 7 p.m.

Administration prefers March 5 but could live with March 12 for getting staffing allocations to the schools.

For meeting on the 25th, intent is to use the information received on the 20th and settle on a proposed plan and take that plan to the Regular meeting on March 3. A public hearing is scheduled for March 3 prior to the Regular meeting.

Make the Long Range Planning meeting on February 25 a workshop.

Structure for Public Forum on February 20:

Presentation, handouts on Plans and middle school analysis.

Take input by breaking up into small groups and reporting out to the larger group.

Have feedback sheets available and tally those.

Project larger version of maps on the walls one-half hour prior to the meeting.

It was moved by Lucy Mathiak and seconded by Beth Moss to take Plan A off the table. Motion unanimously carried.

It was moved by Lucy Mathiak and seconded by Beth Moss to present only Plans E and F at the public forum on February 20, 2008.


Middle school options will be part of the public forum discussion.

Motion unanimously carried.


Grandfathering 5th graders who are going to be 6th graders will be an issue with Madison Metro lasting for three years.

Will have to look at the numbers for the high schools too; should not be an issue.

FOLLOW UP: Provide middle school numbers relative to grandfathering. Put on upcoming agenda the idea of creating a task force for the La Follette and West area new school for the Leopold area and a proposed charge. Invite City Alders and County Board of Supervisors to the public forum.

4. Other Business

There was no other business.

5. Adjournment

It was moved by Lucy Mathiak and seconded by Beth Moss to adjourn the meeting at 7:45 p.m. Motion unanimously carried.