It is the policy of the BOARD to encourage and facilitate family involvement in their children's educational experiences. This policy is based on the belief that when parents and families play a positive role in children's education, whether at home, in the community or within the school, children do better in school.  The DISTRICT and schools are responsible for establishing two-way communication and engagement with families on issues such as school policies, expectations, and activities; equipping families with the supports and information to support learning at home; and providing opportunities for parent decision-making around school improvement planning, DISTRICT and school budgets and other issues.  To this end, the school must ensure that families have reasonable access to their children's classrooms, schools, and school personnel.

The reasonableness of access by families must be considered within the context of the individual school community and weigh a number of factors including student privacy and confidentiality, student safety and the potential for disruption to the learning environment.  PRINCIPALS or designees may place limitations on access to classrooms and staff during the instructional day including limitations to the frequency and duration of such visits.  Family members are considered school visitors pursuant to Policy 4005 (School Visitors).

The BOARD expects individual schools to facilitate family engagement that is linked to student learning for all families, and that staff endeavor to remove barriers to access to participation in school - - or DISTRICT-related activities due to reasons related to costs, language or accessibility.


Revised 11/24/2014