Board of Education

NOTE: Statute references are from Wisconsin Statutes (1997).


Tenth Amendment, U.S. Constitution.
The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States, respectively, or to the people.

Education, thereby, is delegated to the States.

Article Ten, State Constitution, Section 3.
The legislature shall provide by law for the establishment of District schools.
Chapter 120 Wisconsin Stats 1997.
Provides for Unified School Districts.
Sections 120.06 and 120.42 of the Wisconsin Statutes.
Provides for the election of members of the BOARD of a Unified School District.


  1. Annually on or within 30 days after the fourth Monday in April, the board shall elect a school board president, a school board vice president, a school district clerk, and a school district treasurer from among its members; and a school board secretary, who need not be a member of the school board.

    s. 120.43(1)

Members, Terms of Office, General Duties

  1. School BOARD members in a Unified School District shall be electors of the school district. School Board members in a Unified School District that encompasses a city with a population greater than 150,000 but less than 500,000, shall be elected at large to numbered seats.

    s.120.42(1)(a) and 120.42(1)(b)

  2. The BOARD shall consist of seven (7) members elected at large to numbered seats for three-year (3-year) terms.

    s. 120.41(1), 120.42(1)(b), 120.42(2)

  3. On or prior to the day provided for taking office, a school BOARD member shall take and file the Official Oath.

    s. 120.06(10) and s. 120.42(2)

  4. Electors residing within the school district may be elected or appointed to and may serve upon the BOARD.

    s. 120.06(2) and s.120.42(1)(a)

  5. The BOARD shall have the possession, care, control, and management of the property and affairs of the school district with the responsibilities and duties as detailed in Wisconsin Statutes 118.001, 120.12, 120.13, 120.14, 120.15, 120.16, 120.17, 120.18, 120.21, 120.40, 120.41, 120.42, 120.43, and 120.44.