Board of Education

Public Appearances

The public is invited to register and speak at BOARD regular, special, and work group meetings as listed in the agenda and at hearings called by the BOARD on special topics. See BOARD Policy 1221.

  1. Any individual may register with the SUPERINTENDENT or his/her designee beginning fifteen (15) minutes before the time scheduled for a regular or special BOARD meeting or a BOARD work group meeting, or thirty minutes (30) before the time scheduled for a public hearing. Speakers may not register prior to the official opening of registration. Registration will continue until the meeting is called to order. Appearances after this point will be at the discretion of the chairperson.
  2. During the regular BOARD agenda, an individual who registers shall be given up to three minutes to speak to the BOARD. Extensions may be granted only by approval of the BOARD or committee.
  3. During a special BOARD meeting, BOARD work group meeting, or during a Public Hearing, an individual who registers to speak shall be given up to three minutes to speak to the BOARD or BOARD committee. Extensions may be granted only by approval of the BOARD or committee.
  4. A speaker may be registered by a designee but the speaker must be present when he or she is called to appear or forfeit his or her time.
  5. Speakers must place the full address of their place of residence on registration forms.
  6. Registration forms will allow citizens not wishing to speak an opportunity to express an opinion. All BOARD members will read these opinions.
  7. Registrants will be called to speak according to the order in which they have registered.
  8. Public appearances at regular or special BOARD meetings and work group meetings will be permitted at the point of the meeting as indicated in the meeting notice/agenda (usually after the approval of minutes).
  9. An individual may speak one time during any period for public appearances that is noticed for any meeting.
    1. If work groups meet in succession on the same date, a single period for public appearances at or near the start of the meetings may be provided, and an individual registrant may speak one time during said period.
    2. No registrant or other individual is entitled to grant any portion of his or her speaking time to another registrant.  This is not intended to prohibit the use of a translator or other person providing assistance to an individual registrant who requires such assistance.
    3. To the extent a single registrant or multiple registrants bring a prepared written statement to read during public appearances that would take longer than three minutes to read in its entirety, the BOARD strongly encourages a single speaker to summarize the main points of the written statement and then submit a copy of the full written statement to be added to the record of the meeting and to be distributed to each Board Member.
  10. Registrants for public appearances at the monthly regular meeting of the School BOARD will normally be permitted to speak on any item, not necessarily limited to the agenda prepared for the meeting. Registrants at other BOARD or work group meetings or at public hearings on specific topics must limit comments to items on the agenda of the meeting or to the topic of the hearing. Permission to speak on another item will be at the discretion of the chairperson(s).
  11. Action will not be taken on public appearances (requests) during the same meeting as presented unless the public appearance is associated with an item of business already on the agenda for the meeting and for which adequate public notice was given in advance of the meeting.
  12. When appropriate, issues raised during public appearances will be referred to the SUPERINTENDENT and/or an appropriate committee for study and for future report to the BOARD. Public appearances are not intended as a forum for identifying, presenting or processing complaints or grievances against individual staff members, and concerns relating to individual personnel matters should initially be brought to the attention of the staff member's immediate supervisor and/or submitted as a complaint to the District administrative offices.
  13. At the discretion of the BOARD PRESIDENT, public appearances may be omitted from a special BOARD meeting or may be limited to a specific period of time, as stated or identified on the meeting notice/agenda. At any meeting where public appearances are identified on the meeting notice/agenda, the period for public appearances may be further limited at the meeting only by majority vote of the Board or committee. Examples of reasons for excluding or limiting public appearances as part of a BOARD or work group meeting include but are not limited to situations in which a public hearing on the subject matter has been or will be scheduled, the BOARD or BOARD work group workshop, time limitations associated with the meeting do not allow for an extended period of public presentations, etc. Any member of the public who is unable to offer his/her comments through a public appearance at a BOARD or work group meeting shall be entitled to submit written comments to the BOARD Members.