Happy New Year!  On behalf of the Board of Education, I wish you a happy and healthy 2010. Summary of major December Board decisions:

Reading Programs: The Board received a presentation on Reading Recovery in the district. A number of questions were raised about our reading programs and how programs worked together to ensure we are meeting the needs of all of our students.  Therefore, the Board requested a full evaluation of all reading programs at the elementary level so we have a better understanding of the big reading picture.

Superintendent Goals:  As part of the Superintendent evaluation process, the Board, in conjunction with the Superintendent, developed goals for the Superintendent. There are a lot of details associated with each goal. The Goal area and targeted Results of each goal are below:

  • 1. Goal Area: Increase the percentage of students who are Proficient and Advanced in reading. Results: Increased proficiency and advanced proficiency on WKCE or its replacement, other district assessment or standards-based tests. By 2013-14, 100% of students will meet this target.
  • 2. Goal Area: Increase the percentage of students at all grade levels who attend school at 96% or more. Results: Increase attendance for students in every grade, with a specific focus on the students in key transition grades. By 2014-15, 96% or more of students will meet this target.
  • 3. Goal Area: Increase the percentage of students on track for credit attainment for graduation in four years. Results: Increased percentage of students on track for credit attainment for graduation. By 2014-15, 90% or more will meet this target.
  • 4. Goal Area: Completion of a review of the district's organizational structure and organizational systems/processes and develop a plan to align the work of the administration to the district's mission and Strategic Plan. Results: This goal will be assessed by Board approval and successful administrative implementation of a plan that aligns the work of the administration with the district's mission and Strategic Plan and to principles of quality organizations, and is fiscally sustainable over time.
  • 5. Goal Area: Board relations. Results: Development and implementation of a sustainable system for improving and demonstrating effective communication with the Board of Education.
  • 6. Goal Area: Implement the Strategic Plan action steps targeted for year one as approved by the Board of Education. Results: A report in June 2010 outlining progress toward implementation of the action steps including any evaluation of new programs that has occurred using the approved performance measures.
  • 7. Goal Area: Leadership development goal. To focus on encouraging the heart in others and challenging the process.

What's Up in January?:  2010 will be a busy year.  Items of interest on our January agenda:  Decision on the implementation of 4-year-old kindergarten; Race to the Top funds; initial presentation of an environmental charter middle school; core performance measures associated with the Strategic Plan; and kick-off of the 2010-11 budget process.

Thanks for all you do for our children.  Please let us know if you have any questions or comments at board@madison.k12.wi.us

Arlene Silveira (516-8981)